Metal Tile

BrunTek metal tile, our new top product, brings an original touch to any type of construction. It is the fastest, safest and most modern roof solution due to its distinctive design and technical details.

BrunTek metal tile has a three-dimensional design. The last generation profiling, manufactured in 2018, gives an asset in terms of perfect fitting of metal tile panels. Its capillarity ensures maximum sealing, so the construction will keep its timeless air.

The Advantages of Using Metal Tile

  • Durability. Metal roof tiles are known to have a very long lifespan, which is a good investment for many generations. Cutting maintenance costs gives you long-term satisfaction
  • Excellent drainage capacity. Due to the profiling with drainage channels, this new type of metal tile is different due to its important advantages such as increased rigidity and excellent drainage capacity.
  • Easy installation. The process of installing the corrugated steel sheet on any type of roof is quite simple. This does not require any curing activity, it is only necessary to carry out the operation of drawing and positioning the metal tile panels and screwing the woodscrews
  • The geometry of the profile allows the panels to be profiled up to a maximum length of 4690 mm

Technical drawing

schema tehnica tigla metalica

Available Colours

culoare ral3005

RAL 3005

culoare ral3009

RAL 3009

culoare ral3011

RAL 3011

culoare ral5010

RAL 5010

culoare ral6005

RAL 6005

culoare ral6020

RAL 6020

culoare ral7024

RAL 7024

culoare ral8004

RAL 8004

culoare ral8017

RAL 8017

culoare ral8019

RAL 8019

culoare ral9002

RAL 9002

culoare ral9005

RAL 9005

culoare ral9006

RAL 9006

Technical details


Prepainted galvanized steel sheet on both sides protected by polyester

Rated thickness

0,4 – 0,6 mm

Overall width


Usable cover width

1100 mm

Height of the crease

20-30 mm


4,5 kg / m2

Glossy finish warranty

10-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion

Matte finish warranty

15-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion

Quartz finish warranty

35-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion

Expected Lifespan

50-60 years

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