Pluvial Systems

The pluvial systems are based on the ability to collect, conduct water and flow at the lowest point. It is done with the help of gutters and downpipes to the ground. Beyond their applicability, BrunTek pluvial systems bring character to any type of construction.


It is used in roof drainage and in residential, industrial, commercial buildings.

Why to choose BrunTek pluvial systems?

  • BrunTek pluvial systems allow water to drain from the roof in an organized and fast way. They can be designed according to building characteristics and your requirements.
  • To provide construction safety, pluvial accessories are optimized to achieve the required performance and reliability.
  • Europe, in particular, faces abundant rainfalls, the frequency with which they occur increases also exponentially. This is a major challenge for pluvial systems manufacturers and suppliers
  • As the most frequent heavy rainfall leads to increased requirements for the planning and implementation of drainage systems, our mission is to ensure the discharge of large quantities of water in full safety

Technical drawing

schita tehnica sistem pluvial

Available colors

culoare ral3005

RAL 3005

culoare ral3009

RAL 3009

culoare ral3011

RAL 3011

culoare ral7024

RAL 7024

culoare ral8017

RAL 8017

culoare ral8019

RAL 8019

culoare ral9002

RAL 9002

culoare ral9005

RAL 9005

Technical details


Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides protected by polyester

Rated thickness

0,5 – 0,6 mm

Diameter of gutters

125 – 150 mm

Downpipes diameter

88 – 100 mm

Finishing warranty (paint)

15-year warranty for color features

Technical warranty

35-year warranty for corrosion and perforation features


50 years, resistance to temperature variations

Fisa tehnica

fisa tehnica icon

The raw material is provided by

voestplane SSAB


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