Ventilation Grids

Fresh air is essential for survival. It is often time to spend long periods inside insufficiently ventilated spaces, which is detrimental to our health. That is why we offer you a variety of ventilation grids, which are used to provide controlled room ventilation.


Ventilation grids offer a wide range of applications from residential to industrial applications. In the case of office buildings, ventilation grids are an indispensable structure in their construction.

Why to choose BrunTek Ventilation Grids?

  • It regulates fresh air flow according to the relative humidity level in the room
  • Their maintenance process is relatively simple and is carried out by periodic cleaning of the grids
  • It is an excellent technical and economic structure, with many advantages, including optimization of the humidity level, elegant finishing and low cost of use, represented by the lack of electricity

Available colours

culoare ral3005

RAL 3005

culoare ral3009

RAL 3009

culoare ral3011

RAL 3011

culoare ral5010

RAL 5010

culoare ral6005

RAL 6005

culoare ral6020

RAL 6020

culoare ral7024

RAL 7024

culoare ral8004

RAL 8004

culoare ral8017

RAL 8017

culoare ral8019

RAL 8019

culoare ral9002

RAL 9002

culoare ral9005

RAL 9005

culoare ral9006

RAL 9006

Technical details


Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides protected by polyester

Rated thickness

0,4-0,7 mm

Surface weight

4,5 kg / m2

Glossy finish warranty

10-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion

Matte finish warranty

15-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion

Quartz finish warranty

35-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion


50 to 60 years

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