Galvanized Profiles

Constructions based on galvanized profiles have lots of advantages over building materials, such as wood or concrete. These include reduced weight, increased accuracy of detail, recyclability.

Applicability of galvanized profiles

Over the years, these systems have evolved from the usage in farming buildings to systems developed with industrial applications, recycling and recreation.

Benefits of galvanized profiles

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Assembling and mounting is easy and short-termed
  • Lighter and more efficient structures can be made in a wide variety of shapes, made of galvanized or black sheet metal, with thicknesses between 1mm and 4mm, at a maximum length of 6000mm, depending on your requirements and specifications
  • The structural system generally allows the provision of technical spaces for electrical wiring or ventilation installations
  • The low weight of these constructions is a particularly important advantage in the case of weak foundation or overburdening works
  • It exhibits corrosion resistance and high rigidity
  • Combined with modern insulating materials, the projects of houses with metal structure have high thermal comfort

Technical drawing

schita tehnica profile usoare c
schita tehnica profile usoare z
schita tehnica profile usoare u

Technical details


Steel sheet, galvanized or black sheet

Unfolded width

260 – 360 mm

Length (L)

6000 mm

Rated thickness (T)

2 – 5 mm

Minimum height (h)

50 mm

Maximum height (H)

200 mm


50 to 60 years

* We execute galvanized profiles with specific dimensions at customer’s request.

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