Façade Cassettes

The façade cassettes can be installed both horizontally and vertically, giving the designer several design options. Coupled boxes using interconnecting grooves provide an elegant look to the buildings. This façade system can be preassembled into modules, simplifying the final assembly process.


Installed on appropriate substructures, the boxes offer buildings a functional futuristic look that is popular for the use in administrative and commercial buildings.

Why to choos BrunTek façade cassettes?

  • The cassette system is installed with special clamps. This ensures the uniformity of the panels and gives the system a greater structural stability
  • The flexibility of these systems in terms of size, joint disposal and fastening techniques is truly remarkable. Due to folded edges, the flatness of the façade is optimized
  • The system of interlocking panels and their clips joints help in the thermal optimization of the construction
  • Classic metal is based on traditional craftsmanship to create more robust systems that are built to last for 50-100 years and require minimal maintenance. Many of the material options can be recycled or made from materials that are up to 100% recycled

Available colours

culoare ral3005

RAL 3005

culoare ral3009

RAL 3009

culoare ral3011

RAL 3011

culoare ral5010

RAL 5010

culoare ral6005

RAL 6005

culoare ral6020

RAL 6020

culoare ral7024

RAL 7024

culoare ral8004

RAL 8004

culoare ral8017

RAL 8017

culoare ral8019

RAL 8019

culoare ral9002

RAL 9002

culoare ral9005

RAL 9005

culoare ral9006

RAL 9006

Technical details


Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides protected by polyester

Rated thickness

0,5 mm

Total width

On demand

Surface weight

4,5 kg / m2

Glossy finish warranty

10-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion

Matte finish warranty

15-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion

Quartz finish warranty

35-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion


50 to 60 years

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